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PiaScore iPad Sheet Music App Review

PiaScore is much more than an iPad sheet Music App. It is a full-fledged music library that a musician can carry on a single, iPad. If you are a musician like me who was sick of digging through stacks and stacks of practice, exercise, and music books, this single, iPad app which costs next to nothing, will totally change your music playing life.

As a trumpet player, I was thrilled to find the entire Arban’s book for free online and it works beautifully in PiaScore. I was also able to find many other, free method books, and famous trumpet pieces. Many of these books have expired copyrights and some very nice people have taken the time to scan them digitally so they can be used on computers, tablets, and iPads. But, PiaScore is much more than an app for reading your music. It does much more!

Built-In Metronome

While you’re playing, you can use a full-featured metronome and never miss a beat.

Record yourself Playing

PiaScore comes with a built-in recorder. This is great if you want to hear yourself playing a duet or a 4-part quartet. Simply record a section at a time and play it back on your Bluetooth speaker/s.

Find Videos of your Favorite Solos

PiaScore will intelligently search and locate professional recordings of the very pieces you are working on and play them back for you. How cool is that?

Notes, Highlighting, and editing

If you want to highlight certain passages, make notes and emphasize accidentals, etc, PiaScore makes it extremely easy.


Tune your Trumpet

PiaScore has a precision, built-in tuner that works within the application, so you can tune your instrument and stay in tune while you are practicing.

Table of Contents

Stop fumbling through pages looking for your practice routine. Have you ever wondered where those Interval Exercises are in Arban’s but cannot find them? PiaScore allows you to create a table of contents for every section of the book.

Browse Books and Scores by Page

Simply tap at the bottom of the page and you’ll be able to skim through the contents of your fake books or method books easier than you can with any hard-copy book.


On-Screen Digital Piano

Want to check what you’re playing on the keyboard? Pull up the PiaScore digital keyboard and you are there!

Dual Viewing Options

PiaScore works in portrait or landscape modes on your iPad. One of the biggest advantages of digital music books is that you no longer have to worry about finding a way to keep the pages open as you play. On the thick and fat Arban’s method book, keeping those pages open was as big if not bigger challenge than playing some of its most difficult sections.

The one advantage, however, that cannot be emphasized enough is how amazing it is to have your entire music library with you in a single, thin, small digital notebook that weighs less than a pound. If you are a musician, PiaScore is the one single app that will persuade you more than anything to buy an iPad. If you already own an iPad, what are you waiting for?